Ask Masky

Ask Maskyd⊗ y⊗u really want to kn⊗w…?

Ask Maskyyes..thank y⊗u f⊗r remaking my is….beautiful..

and yes, i d⊗ believe this t⊗ be true. Ideas are c⊗mpletely bulletpr⊗⊗f..

Ask Masky

Ask Maskyclearly i am a wheel

Ask Maskykind ⊗f…weird

Ask Maskyuh. what d⊗ i d⊗ with this..

Ask Maskybecause reas⊗ns…

Ask Masky

Ask Maskycheesecake? just f⊗r me?? i think im in l⊗ve.

s⊗rry f⊗r the lack ⊗f activity..i had s⊗me business t⊗ attend t⊗..

but f⊗r n⊗w, im back ⊗n track.

answering questi⊗ns

ask away

Ask Maskyd⊗ y⊗u make miracles happen….?

Ask Masky

yes. i kn⊗w. care t⊗ try it ⊗ut s⊗metime?

when im m⊗tivated

ill answer y⊗ur asks

in a less cutesy style of art



Ask Masky

hm…? but i just finished things up at this h⊗use…

if you say s⊗..

Ask Maskyi kn⊗w where y⊗u live.